June 25, 2019

As a businessman, Samuel Oshana has been very successful in a number of business areas, and primarily in two states, New York and Florida. While he loves living in Florida and he appreciates the advantages of 12 months of warm weather, he also has to admit an affinity for the sports teams in the town of his birth, Boston Massachusetts. While fans of some Boston teams can be described as long-suffering, most particularly the Boston Red Sox, in recent years, the city of Boston has had championship-caliber teams in most sports.

A great example of that feeling is the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox were a founding member of the American League of Major League Baseball and they won the first-ever World Series between the National and American Leagues way back in 1903. The Red Sox were one of the most successful teams in professional baseball in the early days of the 20th Century, but they stopped winning World Series Championships after 1918. The team sold baseball icon Babe Ruth (nicknamed the "Bambino"), one of the greatest players of all time, to their hated rival, the New York Yankees. It took the Red Sox until 2004 to break the curse and win a World Series, but since then, they have won several more, in 2007, 2013 and 2018.